Test your ideas early and often with wireframes

If you notice in the title of this article there is a “what” and a “how”. What you should do during the design process is to test ideas early and often. A suggestion on how you can do it is by using wireframes. I will explain why and how in this article.

You often hear the term “design thinking” used nowadays when referring to developing products or services. An aspect of design thinking is to go...

A major milestone: Happy 5th anniversary, passbrains!

Five years ago, on 11.11.2011, passbrains emerged as a crowdsourced testing pioneer: we built a powerful web platform and started assembling and curating a diverse and powerful community worldwide. A completely self-financed startup, we continuously expanded our services & solutions portfolio and within a few years we took stage amongst the leading vendors in the crowdsourced testing sector.

Projektify optimiert seinen Webauftritt mit passbrains

Projektify, ein innovativer Onlinemarktplatz für den An- und Verkauf von Webprojekten, hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, seinen Besuchern höchste Nutzerfreundlichkeit anzubieten. Vor Kurzem wurde deshalb die Webseite anhand von Feedback von passbrains Crowdtestern umgestaltet. Um bei der Nutzung der Webseite eine optimale User Experience zu garantieren, wurden passbrains Crowdtester aus Deutschland,...

Your digital triumph ally: private customer community feedback

Trends emerging from digital transformation are bringing along strong interest in customer experience-driven product development. This is why an increasing number of companies worldwide are enforcing their digital development strategies by collecting insights from online communities made up exclusively from their customer base.

Online customer communities are a source of important real-world...

With passbrains UX studies, only excellence is good enough for your users

Developing a digital product usually implies all eyes focused on usability: directing all efforts towards an intuitive interface and inviting design in order to ensure that users will find their way around easily and effectively. Still, even if usability is outstanding, important parts of user satisfaction may be omitted – resulting in products that don’t fully live up to users’ expectations and...

Tips to avoid bias in your usability test results

You have made the case to work usability testing into the design process. You have gotten buy-in from the business. Well done! Now make sure that you get the best possible data by avoiding mis-steps that can bias your results and ultimately undermine your efforts and confidence in your work.

The tips I will discuss are:

●      How to select representative participants

●      How to phrase tasks...

With Crowdsourced Digital Assurance UX and CX work together

Only the best products are good enough

In the era of digital transformation we find countless apps, websites and software for everything we could ever need. That is why companies know that the key to success in the digital world is to create a product, which is outstanding in its usability, interactional and visual design and content.

Crowdsourced Digital Assurance - How to cope with the challenges of digital transformation

Today, so many of our daily activities rely on technology and industries across the globe are witnessing disruptions and innovations, thanks to the advances in the field of Digital technologies. Organizations are increasingly aligning themselves to keep pace with these advances and launching Digital transformation initiatives. Application areas range from product development through operational...