UPC Austria launches Crowdtesting Program with passbrains

Passbrains extends its crowdtesting business with Liberty Global companies in Europe. After 2 years of successful collaboration with upc cablecom (Switzerland), Austrian telecom provider UPC Austria now also launches their customer crowdtesting program for new products and product updates with passbrains, the leading platform for digital assurance and crowdtesting.

Malaysian government launches national crowdsourcing program

With close to 500 attendees, including representatives from government, industry, education and NGOs, the Digital Malaysia National Crowdsourcing Conference took place in Kuala Lumpur in May, highlighting the benefits of crowdsourcing and how the Malaysian government harnesses its power to increase productivity, efficiency, savings and growth.

Crowdsourcing Week Summit Geneva

Passbrains CEO Dieter Speidel spoke about Customer Crowds and how to mobilize and engage thousands of customers for evaluating and testing digital products, turning everyone into a product tester.

Passbrains builds private customer communities for big brands, mobilizing users to participate in in-field product testing campaigns

Passbrains, the leading provider of platform solutions and services for crowdsourced testing, enables enterprises to engage their customer base in testing campaigns for new products and product updates. Recent successes in strategic collaborations with large enterprises such as upc cablecom in Switzerland impressively demonstrate the power of passbrains’ platform technology and their mature...

upc cablecom uses passbrains for customer-crowdtesting

Zuerich, 23.12.2014. After successful completion of a twelve months pilot phase, upc cablecom launches their crowdtesting program, involving their customers in testing upc cablecom digital TV, Internet,telephony and mobile products. The program has been started in Switzerland and will be further expanded throughout their European markets. upc cablecom had chosen passbrains, the leading...

Good Aspects of Test Reporting – What Story Do You Intend To Tell?

I was on the judges’ panel for STWC World Cup Asia Rounds, as a part of which, I had the privilege to review test reports of several teams. While there were few quality test reports, others were appalling. Some teams simply delivered a collection of copied bug reports, some talked about different tasks testers performed and few others contained information that was useless to stakeholders and...

PASS Technologies: Redefining Managed Crowdsource Testing Services with Sheer Professionalism

Organizations are now waking up from the high-maintenance automation craze and counting on cloud to provide alternative lucrative solutions that are effective enough to solve all their problems. Though crowdsource testing answers all their prayers, it hasn’t reached possible utilization yet since the organizations are unable to attain its utmost value due to the lack of professionally managed...

Passbrains gives enterprise clients the ability to tap into external and internal crowds

Crowdsourcing and software testing are often mentioned as a good fit, and this is for a good reason — a company releasing an app needs to ensure that the app runs glitch-free on an ever-increasing list of devices and operating systems, and that it seamlessly operates across geographies.

For an internal team, testing and validating the app using all the relevant quality variables and key...