About Us

Passbrains provides enterprise crowdsourcing solutions and services for digital assurance and crowdtesting, delivered through the passbrains platform. We leverage our global community of then-thousands user testers, testing professionals and UX specialists for on-demand engagements in customer projects for market research, open innovation, design and field validation of apps and digital products.

Through our leading platform technology and proven processes we enable enterprises to rapidly identify and recruit members of the passbrains crowd from specific target geographies, matching a wide variety of different profile criteria such as demographic, language and professional skills, available devices and OS versions, mobile networks and more.

Passbrains delivers managed services for end-to-end project delivery and offers enterprises and channel partners to use the passbrains platform technology based on a white-label licensing agreement.

Passbrains operates global delivery centers in Europe, India and the U.S., serving global clients including fortune 500 firms across different industry sectors.


Passbrains was initiated in 2011, with the original goal to build a platform and crowdsourcing community of professional software testers to rapidly scale the availability of skills and capacities for our well established outsourced testing services business. Very soon it became clear that this new model would have the potential for a new business by itself and our company became an early pioneer in a brand-new market. Late 2011 we decided to launch the passbrains platform to offer crowdtesting services for apps, web sites and digital devices. 

It was surprising to learn more and more about the potentials of crowdsourced testing with every project we conducted: with passbrains we suddenly were able to very rapidly recruit testers in any numbers providing the desired language and testing skills as well as the devices, OS and browser versions and even mobile networks we needed to cover. Turnaround time was so much quicker than anything we had seen before working with internal or outsourced testing teams and the yield was simply stunning! 


After having coined the term ‘crowdtesting’ for our new offering we conducted an intensive market education phase, first in Europe and soon across the entire globe. Enterprises were sceptical in the beginning but soon started to adopt crowdtesting as part of their QA programs. Within a few years only we were able to establish our thought leadership position amongst the top crowd testing service vendors worldwide. Our continuous investments in developing the passbrains platform resulted in a leading-edge solution, providing all the tools needed by our crowdtesters, our project managers and by our customers, seamlessly integrated in one system.


Passbrains started with purely technical crowdtesting offerings such as functional, usability, localisation, load & performance and security. By 2014 we decided to introduce additional service offerings for longitudinal user experience (‘UX’) studies with online surveys and video recordings of our testers’ user journeys. With this new offering, we strongly grew our community by on-boarding a broad diversity of user personas and we ended up with close to 50’000 members distributed over more than 120 countries by the end of 2015. In addition, we extended the capability of our platform technology to support private enterprise crowds, allowing our customers to assemble and engage their own online-communities with either staff, customers or with their target audience representatives.


With the unfolding of the digital transformation evolution we realised that our platform and community serves for so much more than just testing and UX studies. Early 2016 we became the first company to introduce a new holistic digital business assurance services offering which covers the entire product development lifecycle from market research through open innovation/ideation, UI design assessment, field validation and crowdtesting, to customer experience research. With this offering, our customers could benefit from our rapid and scalable crowdsourcing capabilities in all stages of their program- and product development. 


Since the completion of the first five years of our history, passbrains offers managed services for all the entire digital business assurance portfolio and a powerful Platform-as-a-Service model for enterprises who want to have their data stored in-house and deliver crowd testing and digital business assurance services to their internal or external clients. Passbrains PaaS is also available as a white-label solution.


Passbrains was fully self-funded from the very beginning and therefore is still privately owned by management and completely independent. Our credo is to provide quality rather than quantity when it comes to technology, community and services. Experiencing real organic growth, we are enjoying the continous appreciation of our long-term customers as well as the excitement of our new customers. 

Management Team

  • Dieter Speidel


    Country: Switzerland
    Position: CEO

    Founder & CEO of passbrains (formerly PASS Group). Board member of Crowdsourcing Asia. Serial investor in various IT startups. 25+ years of experience in software product development and system verification & validation. Former Co-Founder and Board Member of international industry associations.

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  • Johannes Widmann


    Country: Germany
    Position: COO

    A familiar name in the software quality assurance (QA) scene, Johannes Widmann holds the SAP Quality Engineer Certificate and is a Recognized Instructor for SAP Certified Engineers. Worked with major corporations such as Yahoo! and the sourcing platform SupplyOn.

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  • Frederik Niess


    Country: Germany
    Position: CTO

    A technology enthusiast with rich experience in a variety of development and technology areas. Worked as Head of Development and CTO for several online businesses since 2012. Still a passionate developer, always on the lookout for more intelligence in the fields of artificial intelligence, data science and web technologies.

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