Customer Experience Analysis

Deliver digital experiences that delight your users

  • On-demand customer experience studies for your apps, websites and connected devices
  • Online Surveys, Live Community Forums, Narrated Videos
  • Assemble and continuously engage online communities from your customer base
  • Rich spectrum of marketing and sales benefits

Digital experience assurance does not stop with the release or go-live. Technology, competition and customers' expectations are constantly changing. Make sure you keep your customers' experience at the highest level across all touch points at all times.

Monitoring, analyzing and improving digital experiences

Digital experience is very much a result from your customers' first-time contact with an app or digital product, but this digital experience might change over time, with customers diving deeper into the offered functionality or becoming more educated on your competitor's products. Digital experience is not only about apps or web sites, but also about the experience with the overall service, may it be e.g. delivery of ordered goods, customer support or offered services. Conducting thorough customer experience studies enables enterprises to collect valuable feedback from representative customer panels. Customer Experience delivers the market intelligence required for implementation of corrective actions or improvements to build and maintain successful, long lasting customer relationships and to keep up an excellent image in the market.

Integrated toolset for efficient customer experience

The passbrains digital business assurance platform opens up the possibility to rapidly assemble representative panels from your customer base and to collect accurate customer experience insights and ratings on your digital products and services. The fully integrated platform solution provides all tools required for

  • managing customer communities
  • identifying, engaging and interacting with study participants 
  • collecting and analyzing results in real-time
  • rewarding study participants 

Sentiment Analysis and Touch Point Analysis

Monitoring customer talk on social media and analyzing app store ratings is an important element of today's CX methods like sentiment and touch point analysis, but only based on historical data collected from anonymous sources. To gain a really representative and most actual picture on your customers' experience, passbrains provides the possibility to engage profiled members of the curated passbrains online community and to collect structured data allowing comprehensive on-demand analytics. The passbrains CX service comprises online surveys, issue tickets, forum discussions, product ratings and more, all carried out through passbrains' integrated platform.

customer experience analysis

Your benefits

Working with passbrains delivers full scope customer experience insights on demand:

• Collect instant feedback on how your digital products and services are experienced by the entire range of your customer personas

• Monitor and benchmark CX insights throughout different phases of customer and/or product lifecycles 

• Involve your customers and collect valuable ideas and suggestions for improvements and future product updates

• Gain insights on specific factors that trigger customer satisfaction and ensure long-term loyalty and increased trust

• Strengthen the bonds with new customers, learn first-hand from current customers' experiences and rekindle old flames with dormant customers

• Understand your product's strengths and weaknesses and solve issues more efficiently

Fully understanding how your customers experience their digital journeys with your products is essential to make them your biggest fans! Passbrains CX services allow you to put yourself in your customers' shoes and to take action to ensure their continuous satisfaction.