Digital Business Assurance

Design and build the right digital products and services right!

  • Assure great product design and digital experience
  • Engage your target audience through passbrains
  • Conduct research, UX assessments and testing throughout your product development lifecycle


Insights, Ideation and Benchmarking


Design proposals, prototype evaluation and A/B Testing


Functionality, Usability, Performance and Security

Post-Launch Improvement

Customer Experience, Touch Point Analysis and Service Excellence Assessments

Incremental impact through crowdsourced digital business assurance 

Digital business assurance covers the entire development life cycle for your digital products & services. Building and engaging private communities and public crowds opens up possibilities to leverage creativity, effectivity and yield in various activities throughout market research, ideation, design, field testing and customer experience.

passbrains, the leading digital excellence platform enables you to collect market insights and ideation campaigns, run usability and customer experience studies, field testing projects and more. Now you are finally able to engage and manage your campaign contributors and project members through one single platform and to collect all data in one central repository.

Crowdtesting provides you with the possibility to test your digital products by real users under real-world conditions on real devices on demand - this is a well known Must for every enterprise in today’s digital world.  But did you know that there are many more valuable possibilities to leverage public crowds and private communities throughout the entire product lifecycle on a larger extent and from a wider perspective? This is where Digital Business Assurance comes in!

We believe that the key factor for the realization of your business goals is strongly dependent on implementing Digital Business Assurance as a key strategic initiative within your digital business programs. Introducing Digital Business Assurance opens doors for prosperity in your business in a way that it helps you develop the right digital vision and strategy and leads the way to successful conception, design, implementation and procurement of your new digital products and services. How does that work?

Passbrains Digital Business Assurance embraces every segment of your product development lifecycle and enables you to engage crowdsourced project participants in a whole range of different activities such as market insights, ideation, UI design assessments, user experience studies, validation testing and customer experience research.

With passbrains, you can access and engage users, professional testers and UX experts, and also build and engage online communities from your customer base, target audience or even your global staff. Passbrains supports and automates all processes for community management, project management, analytics and reporting through one single Digital Excellence Platform.

Digital Assurance

Working with passbrains opens up the door to a wide spectrum of possible Digital Business Assurance activities such as:

  • digital market research to identify or verify the needs of your target audience
  • UX studies and benchmarking tests with competitive products
  • collection and rating ideas and suggestions for new products and services through open innovation / ideation campaigns
  • mystery shopping to collect instant feedback about participants’ experience with your enterprise’s customer touch points
  • collecting user experience feedbacks and getting your digital products and services tested on a wide range of different devices under real-world conditions

As a result, the passbrains digital excellence platform becomes your ally for successfully managing the design and development of your digital products and services and securing your brand image across all digital channels.

At passbrains, we believe that Digital Transformation always must go along with appropriate Digital Business Assurance programs. We've got a lot more to share - want to talk with us about your Digital Business Assurance needs?