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Quality & Compliance  
for Digital Health Systems

  • Digital Testing
  • User Experience Studies
  • Field Validation

Proven Specialists in V&V Services for Digital Health

Ensuring product quality and compliance throughout the entire product lifecycle is a constant challenge for vendors of digital health systems. Expert knowledge and dynamic scalability of specific skills and testing resources are essential for the success of such products and solutions. The passbrains digital health division is your experienced and reliable full service provider, ensuring compliance, quality and seamless user experience for your products and solutions.

Verification & Validation Consulting & Services

Digital health systems need to be secure, compliant and intuitive. Complex functionalities and confusing technical implementations should be avoided to facilitate user operation. 

Regulatory requirements mandate strict compliance with data protection and privacy laws as well as international standards and best practices for quality assurance and quality management. Security requirements mandate strongest protection of sensitive data. Digital health systems should be resilient to sophisticated attacks and permit quick reaction to any actual or intended security breaches or infringements.

Passbrains provides a complete spectrum of Verification & Validation Services for digital health software and systems including:

  • Risk Assessment / Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment
  • V&V Strategy
  • Test Planning & Execution
  • Test Documentation
digital health device field validation

Crowdsourced Field-Testing and User Experience Studies

Mobile medical apps and mHealth devices require thorough validation and testing to ensure precision, reliability, safety and security for the user / patient.

Expectations of today’s global mobile natives community regarding quality, usability and performance, plus the compatibility challenges given by the ever-increasing lineup of mobile devices and operating systems are leading to validation requirements which can no longer be satisfied by traditional in-the-lab testing.

Crowdsourced field-testing and user experience studies have become key elements to successful validation of products and apps for mobile patient care. Passbrains, the leading digital excellence platform for crowdsourced testing, delivers a complete 360 degree managed service solution for on-demand validation of mobile health systems.

Passbrains allows to select and engage panels with suitable user- or patient-profiles in all targeted countries, and to cover most major mobile devices and operating systems, languages and mobile carriers. 



mHealth device testing

Passbrains Field Testing is a turnkey service, managed by our in-house V&V experts, delivered through the leading passbrains digital excellence platform for user research and crowdtesting, providing all tools for tester recruitment, test planning, execution, management and reporting.