Get inspired for your digital roadmap!

The digital era brings along new trends and increasingly high customer standards and demands. You already know that adapting your digital products to your customers’ needs has never been more important. But did you know that it has never been easier?

passbrains ensures continuous success of your products and services by offering an environment for countless inspiring interactions through one single platform.

Instead of conducting extensive research and development processes and learning what your target groups would like to see or use next through channels that limit the full potential of their feedback, now you have the opportunity to collect innovation insights on a global scale and by saving a crucial amount of time. Depending on your specific business needs, reaching out to passbrains allows you to:

• Research your target audience: learn about future expectations and preferences from crowdsourced panels representing the profile of your targeted buyers

• Build innovation communities by inviting your customers: collect and rate ideas for new products or services through open ideation campaigns

• Acquire innovative ideas from your entire staff: engage employees to share their expertise, opinions and contribute with valuable recommendations for your innovation strategy

With passbrains you can collect and analyze your target group’s innovative ideas through fully customizable desktop- and mobile surveys, word clouds, narrated videos, ratings and live community-forum discussions.

Whether you decide to build and engage your private community or to go worldwide and ask our global crowd, the inventive feedback obtained represents a great complement to your company-internal ideation programs.

Benefit from the demographic diversity and neutral view you can leverage by engaging the crowd or dedicated online communities in open innovation campaigns for your enterprise!

crowdsourced ideation

Passbrains Crowdsourced Ideation enables you to ensure your future business success through:

• Designing digital products that intuitively satisfy your target group’s expectations and preferences

• Building strong and lasting relationships with your customers by engaging them in ideation campaigns

• Allowing your employees to contribute with their expertise in exciting ideation challenges and competitions while strengthening your company culture

• Turning prospects into customers by offering products matching their expectations and establish market leadership!

Insights acquired with passbrains allow you to explore creative potential worldwide and become a leading digital innovator.

Know what your customers, employees or target users would like to see and experience next - and know it on time!