Market Insights

Accelerate your market
research processes

  • Rapid insights provided by your target audience 
  • Rich online surveys, live community forums
  • Dazzling realtime analytics
  • Comprehensive reports

Know & understand the market for your digital products & services

The concept of market research has been strongly influenced by refined customer expectations and digital omnipresence: the stakes are getting higher and require a combination of thoroughness and speed in analyzing different market aspects. The faster and more precise you obtain insights, the more valuable they are.

Passbrains allows you to design your product strategy and to position your products & services according to reliable target audience insights – and the best part is, you get to save months of research. Our crowdsourced online communities with large numbers of representatives of your target audience will provide you with all the insights you need to decide for the right product strategy and to assure your product design will match or even exceed their expectations.

How we support you

Gathering insights through online surveys, forum discussions and other powerful tools through our secure platform provides you with the opportunity to reach out to your target audience representatives and collect valuable ideas, suggestions and ratings along the way.

Market trends and needs at a glance

Working with passbrains allows you to source intelligence for your market analysis in a very structured way:

• Engage specifically targeted panels of any size from the rich diversity of member profiles within our global crowd

• Collect high-quality input on trends, expectations, preferences, strengths and weaknesses directly from your target audience representatives

• Learn about your competitors and how they rank in the digital world

• Get inspired by valuable ideas and suggestions coming from your prospective customers' mindsets

• Identify market needs on time and launch leading apps, websites and digital devices

market insights

Collecting insights through our platform enables you to involve your target audience on a large scale and from multiple perspectives, ensuring to lay foundation for successful digital products.

Gather market intelligence, gain competitive advantage and anticipate trends with simplicity and efficiency!