To work with us, you simply need to register and provide your complete profile data, especially your mobile device(s) and computer(s) you have available to be used for testing our customers‘ apps. Based on our members’ profiles we recruit suitable candidates to be invited for participation in our projects. Once you receive such project invitation, you can decide based on your interest and availability if you would like to participate.

Membership with passbrains is free and absolutely non-binding. No prior qualification is required for participation in online surveys, while for being eligible to receive invitations for paid testing projects your passing of a ‘Sandbox-Test’ will be required. Our financial rewards offered for your project participation will always be announced in our project invitations. Potential earnings are different depending on the actual project and range in between 35 and 150$ mostly, for an equivalent of 1-4 hours investment of your time.

Financial rewards are offered for different types of deliverables you submit to us through the platform, such as bug reports, improvement suggestions, user story recordings, completed online surveys, executed test cases, etc. All your deliverables we accepted after reviewing will be eligible for being financially rewarded. Payment will be transferred by the end of a project to your PayPal account. Isn't that great?

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Do you want to become a member of the passbrains tester community for UPC and test new apps, digital tv set top boxes, internet routers and more?

UPC is the largest broadband cable operator in Switzerland, providing telecom and digital media services. Almost 1.4 million customers place their trust in the company’s various products for television, Internet, telephony and mobile.

UPC is a subsidiary of Liberty Global, headquartered in the UK.

Do you want to become a member of the Austrian passbrains tester community for UPC Austria and test new apps, digital tv set top boxes, internet routers and more?

UPC Austria, a subsidiary of Liberty Global (UK), is one of the leading broadband cable operators in Austria, providing telecom and digital media services.