Customer Community Engagement

Your customers know best what they expect from your products and services. Get them engaged for ideation, user experience, testing and continuous product improvement!

passbrains provides you with the opportunity to learn how your customers feel about your digital products and services and at the same time strengthen your customer communication strategy and reinforce brand loyalty. Our powerful digital business assurance platform combined with a selected choice of customizable services allows us to deliver feedback within an exceptionally short timeframe and for any specific project you envisage. Building private communities by engaging members from your customer base results in insights that are not reachable through small-scale initiatives and complements your business with important marketing and sales benefits.

You choose your degree of involvement: engage passbrains experts to build and effectively manage your private community or take control over the entire process by opting for self-service. Digital transformation changes have brought along strong interest in private community engagement for customer feedback that is rapidly growing worldwide – make sure to jump on board before your competitors!

Involve. Analyze. Improve.

Build your own online community

Invite your target audience and customers to become part of your prestigious brand community to get involved in your research, innovation and assurance programs. Honor their engagement and brand loyalty. Your community members will appreciate, your business will benefit.

Ensure your success through community involvement

Survey your community members to learn about their expectations and preferences when it comes to planning and designing new products and services. Monitor and analyze customer experience and get your products and processes tested under real-world conditions.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness

Manage your community, campaigns and projects seamlessly through one single platform providing all the tools you need for during all phases of your project. Benefit from automated workflows, integrated data management and comprehensive analytics.

Ensure brand loyalty and excellence

Allowing your target audience to become part and contribute in your online community leverages their brand identification and loyalty. Continuous community involvement makes sure you design products and services matching and even exceeding your customers expectations.


Benefit from passbrains' expertise in building, managing and engaging target audience and customer communities for customer experience monitoring and analysis.


passbrains customer crowdtesting allows you to engage your target audience to test your devices, mobile apps, web applications including your ordering, delivery or support processes under real-world conditions.