The Digital Excellence Platform

Enterprise solution for 
user research& crowdtesting

  • On-Premise Installation
  • Private & Public Crowd
  • Custom Registration Portal
Community Management

Community Management

Test Case Management

Test Case Management

Ticket Workflow Management

Ticket Workflow Management

Survey Management

Survey Management

Dashboard & Reports

Dashboard & Reports

Communication & Collaboration

Communication & Collaboration

Your exclusive White-Label Platform for User Research, Ideation and Testing

Installed and operating in your own enterprise cloud or on-premise

Supporting assembly and engagement of private communities

Community Member Profiling and Qualification, Selective Engagement of Project Participants

Setup and Deployment of Instructions, Tasks, User Journeys, Test Cases

Collection of Feedback, Ideas and Test Results. Aggregation, Analytics & Reports

The white-label solution for all your digital programs

Value for you:

The passbrains white-label platform supports your product development throughout your entire product lifecycle from research through design and validation, allowing you to:

  • identify needs and preferences of your target audience and customers through market insight campaigns
  • collect ideas and suggestions on new products and services
  • evaluate your design prototypes  
  • run UX studies and customer experience campaigns
  • conduct field validation tests
  • analyse your customer touch points
  • assess excellence of your services

How it works:

We install your exclusive white-label instance of the passbrains platform in your own enterprise cloud or on premise. 

Based on our tailored license agreement, you can get completely autonomous in building your own private communities by enrolling selected staff or specific customer groups. 

Your internal project management teams will have access to your private communities and to our passbrains community on demand through the platform, allowing them to set up and run their user research, ideation and testing activities.

Our dedicated experts stand at your disposal for project management assistance, professional services and technical support.



What you get:

  • Access for your administrators and project managers to the passbrains platform in your own enterprise cloud or on-premise
  • Possibility to build and engage your own private communities – customers, target audience and employees
  • Scalable access to the passbrains community
  • Custom branding (whitelabel)

What you pay:

  • A one-time platform setup fee
  • A flat monthly license fee
  • A volume-based community engagement fee

Possibilities you've always been dreaming of

  • Set up and manage your private enterprise communities 
  • Qualify your community members
  • Select suitable project participants based on members'

    • demographics
    • persona, background & skills
    • mobile devices and operating systems
    • performance ratings

  • Import or design structured test cases and user journeys
  • Assign tasks, test cases and user journeys to participants
  • Communicate, collaborate and share documents with participants
  • Monitor your projects' progress 
  • Collect, review & process ideas, feature suggestions,
    design proposals, issue reports, UX feedback and ratings 
  • Retrieve project analytics & reports
  • Get members rated and rewarded automatically