Crowd testing workshop at Technopark Zurich

Feedback From The Crowd

On the 23rd of October 2018, Niklas Leicht, Head of Competence Center Agile Transformation at University of St.Gallen, and Dieter Speidel, CEO and Founder of the largest Swiss crowdtesting platform Passbrains, will hold the workshop “Feedback From The Crowd” at the Technopark Zurich in cooperation with Greenliff AG.

The benefits of adopting crowd testing

A premiere in the crowdsourced testing field, this workshop will provide a glimpse into the procedures and benefits of crowd testing, as a quick, economic and efficient method of gathering user feedback. This valuable insight will ultimately allow for critical product, website or app improvements in user satisfaction, adoption, and usage of the crowd tested solutions.

Validating your digital product ideas, design and implementation in the real world are essential to the success of a project. However, you do not need to go and ask strangers on the street for it. You can learn to tap into the power of a select crowd, plan for a real test, handpick your intended audience of potential users and professional testers. This way, you’ll get valuable test results and feedback in real time and will be able to improve your product and its user experience based on user feedback with a clear path to success.  

About the crowd testing workshop

The workshop is mainly addressed to developers of digital products, web or mobile apps. Since most enterprises these days are looking at crowd testing as a way to reduce go to market times and improve user satisfaction, from the workshop will benefit anyone that needs to upgrade to the latest trends and technologies of real user testing.

Workshop participants will attend a live crowd testing sample project to experience first hand the benefits and added value of this QA testing methods. Participants will learn how to choose the appropriate crowd testing approach after defining the test objectives. Next, they will learn how to set criteria to determine the appropriate testers from the testing community. Finally, they will perform a hands-on website test, reporting issues and UX surveys to understand how an actual crowdtest is executed.

Niklas Leicht is Head of the Competence Center Agile Transformation at the Institute of Information Management of the University of St.Gallen. He is a known author and researcher in the crowdtesting space with 20+ years of experience in this space.

Dieter Speidel is Founder & CEO of Passbrains (formerly PASS Group) and a serial investor in various IT startups. Dieter Speidel has over 25 years of experience in software product development and system verification and validation.

Passbrains offers solutions and services for quality assurance through real user and professional tester crowdsourced testing using the Passbrains digital assurance platform. Through a global vetted community of 50’000+ testers and with its global delivery centres in Europe, India and the U.S., Passbrains serves international clients across telco, media, health & high-tech verticals.

Since the number of participants is limited, please make sure you secure your seat on the 23rd of October at the Technopark Zurich from 4 pm to 6 pm by registering here your intent to participate.

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