Crowdsourced Digital Assurance - How to cope with the challenges of digital transformation

Today, so many of our daily activities rely on technology and industries across the globe are witnessing disruptions and innovations, thanks to the advances in the field of Digital technologies. Organizations are increasingly aligning themselves to keep pace with these advances and launching Digital transformation initiatives. Application areas range from product development through operational processes to a wide range of digitally redesigned and new innovative business processes providing an omni channel customer experience. These developments have resulted in new Digital Business Assurance (or short 'Digital Assurance') requirements as organizations increasingly go Digital.

Assuring quality and seamless user experience of digital products and services requires a complete mindshift for enterprises. The any device, anytime, anywhere nature of today’s customers, the exponential increase in the number of online transactions, the adoption and usage of cloud-based infrastructure, the ever-growing multitude of inter-connected applications and devices are new challenges that businesses have to reconcile. Traditional quality assurance organisations, tools and methods can’t keep up with the new challenges and requirements grown out of Digitalization. Keeping up with these developments, Digital Assurance activities range from market insights, ideation and co-creation, through design evaluation, omni-channel user and customer experience, functional, performance and security testing and more. To cater to these new requirements, product development methodologies have also evolved around customer-centricity. New forms of regression strategies are required to ensure that multiple channels and use cases are validated, diverse platforms covered and various form factors assured. Content assurance strategies are also required to address the activities surrounding content workflows, tooling and syndication. Automation & performance testing have grown in importance; ideas on behavior-driven development & testing place customer experience at the center stage. Agile methodologies now focus on continuous delivery, shorter release cycles, and crowd platforms have become essential to Digital Assurance.

Companies are learning that they must embrace the Digitalization paradigm shift through innovation in order to keep up with the competition; those that are lagging behind will find themselves in jeopardy in the forthcoming years. A coherent, end-to-end Digital Assurance strategy is an enabler that can realize the Digital transformation initiatives in these organisations.

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