Crowdsourcing for ideation & marketing: an example from the art world

You already know about the benefits of engaging our community members for ideation projects. No matter your company size or product, the possibilities of leveraging the potential of the crowd are limitless - and the same goes for industries: Take art galleries for example!

We can showcase how crowdsourcing can work in favor of an art gallery business with our latest initiative aiming to support a Swiss startup called Projekt 15-30. This innovative approach goes full-circle to provide meticulous ideation coverage: fresh ideas and business model suggestions provided online, by hundreds of our Swiss community members.

The focus of the project will be first on assessing the Projekt 15-30 business model (which is the flexible concept of purchasing art for limited time use, and exchanging it later on for a different art piece of the same of higher value) with a selected panel of suitable representatives of the art gallery's target audience (e.g. artists, art lovers, art byers). In a next step we will collect ideation inputs for the digital platform to be designed and developed. Our community members' mission here is to contribute with fruitful suggestions for current and upcoming platform features.

What makes the project particularly interesting is the fact that participants from the panel will not only provide feedback, but also rate each other's ideas, upon which passbrains will aggregate results, compile analytics and draw conclusions.

Upon project completion, we will draw one project participant who will be awarded with a handsigned, numbered and beautifully framed photograph called 'Real Beauty' by Jessica Craig-Martin (35.5 x 25.5cm) worth CHF 1'400.-

Interested to learn more about this project? Want to know how your company could gain inspiration from our community? Reach out to us for more insights.

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