Customer Success Case Studies: Crowdtesting for a leading digital media enterprise in Italy

Heard about managed crowdtesting with a curated crowd but never used it? Ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

- How can my product and my organisation benefit from crowdtesting?

- How much time do I need to plan for a full functional test and user experience assessment?

- How many testers are required to cover major mobile devices with iOS and Android OS plus Windows and Mac Computers?

- How many issue reports can I expect from such a test?

- What are the deliverables I will get from a professional crowdtesting vendor?

Find the answers for these questions in the following customer success case study:

Crowdtesting for a leading digital media enterprise in Italy

Customer needed to test the release candidate for a new version of their digital newspaper and to assess the user experience on mobile devices and desktop computers. Customer is using passbrains' managed crowdtesting services on a regular basis due to the consistent delivery of excellent test results and valuable insights on users' perception.

Project Type: Functional & Usability Test plus longitudinal UX assessment 
Test Duration: 5 days
Number of Participants: 30
Country: Italy
Domain: Digital Media
Deliverables: 93 Accepted Issue Reports, Comprehensive Test Summary Report, UX Study Report incl. narrated videos from user journeys

Customer Feedback: "Once again the passbrains team has made a fantastic job, absolutely appreciated!"




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