Home Office might be here to stay

Thanks to Covid-19 more and more are forced to work from home and nobody knows for how long. Everyone hopes that companies will start populating their offices again in a few months from now, but eventually this could take much longer. We all know that the financial damages from this crisis will be massive for businesses across many sectors, therefore cost-saving will become an imperative. So for how long will companies be able to keep mostly unused office space warm for their staff? Or could permanent home office even become the new ‘normal’ for businesses? 

It’s definitely the right time now to adapt your organisation’s setup, IT infrastructure, collaboration methods and business processes for your staff working from their private homes rather than from your corporate offices.

Of course this comes with many challenges for those who didn’t prepare for decentralised work already earlier: 

  • Setting up sufficient server power and network bandwidth to support the growing data traffic, VoIP calls, video conferences and live streamings, ensuring your staff’s home connectivity meets minimum performance and reliability standards
  • Providing standardised computer and mobile equipment for home office use
  • Ensuring IT security for home office connections
  • Increasing your remote IT support
  • Providing the right software tools and apps for project management and collaboration
  • Adapting and further digitalising your business processes
  • Introducing workplace standards for home offices to meet ergonomic requirements
  • Offering staff trainings for best practices in home working 

With the lockdown situation we have now in numerous countries suffering from high numbers of Covid-19 infections, organisations should start thinking about:

  • Advising how to deal with home child care and home education next to home office working
  • Providing nutritional advice for day-to-day home catering
  • Offering workout classes and eventually even providing workout equipment for home use
  • Encouraging your staff to reserve time for meditation..

Full-time freelancers and crowd workers delivering digital services to crowd working platforms such as passbrains are already deeply experienced in how to set up and permanently work in home office environments. Our worldwide community will be happy to share their experience and to help with any questions or support needs you might have.

Since 2011, passbrains supports leading telecom companies and providers of digital services through large-scale user research, field testing and customer experience studies. We are proud to continue doing so in times of increased importance of internet connectivity and essential digital services.

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