Malaysian government launches national crowdsourcing program

With close to 500 attendees, including representatives from government, industry, education and NGOs, the Digital Malaysia National Crowdsourcing Conference took place in Kuala Lumpur in May, highlighting the benefits of crowdsourcing and how the Malaysian government harnesses its power to increase productivity, efficiency, savings and growth.

Just one month later, the Malaysian eRezeki program was officially launched by the Malaysian Prime Minister. eRezeki is a governmentally sponsored initiative aiming at providing additional earnings to low-income groups through crowdsourced digital work. At the same time, following international demand for crowdsourced app testing capacities, PASS Group launched their onboarding process for Malaysian crowdtesters on the passbrains platform and first projects have been successfully completed, delivering attractive side-income opportunities to participating Malaysian digital workers!

Digital Malaysia National Crowdsourcing Conference

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