Passbrains builds private customer communities for big brands, mobilizing users to participate in in-field product testing campaigns

Passbrains, the leading provider of platform solutions and services for crowdsourced testing, enables enterprises to engage their customer base in testing campaigns for new products and product updates. Recent successes in strategic collaborations with large enterprises such as upc cablecom in Switzerland impressively demonstrate the power of passbrains’ platform technology and their mature crowdtesting processes.

As an example, early 2014, passbrains built a dedicated ‘private’ community of 2’000 Swiss customers of upc cablecom within a duration of a few weeks only, and ran numerous test projects for upc cablecom’s hardware and software products, engaging testers from this community – and the number of community members has already grown up to 8’000 as of today. “The results of our enterprise crowdtesting projects in which we engage our client’s end-users are more than impressive” says Dieter Speidel, CEO of passbrains Switzerland. “We have proven to be able to selectively engage up to 500 testers from our community and to prepare test campaign within a few days only. Our test campaigns cover functional, compatibility, performance and user experience tests. During such test cycles, testers deliver most valuable bug reports, user experience reports, product ratings and improvement suggestions. Passbrains crowdtesting enables enterprises to collect user feedback and improve usability and product quality before market introduction while significantly reducing costs of product validation” Speidel highlights.

“Our user base shows very strong interest and motivation to participate and contribute in testing our products before they are actually launched for market introduction” says Ivo De Blasi, director business deployment at upc cablecom. “Customer-Crowdtesting has become an important tool as part of our product localisation and validation strategy” De Blasi points out.

“We experience growing demand for private tester communities with subscribers / end customers of enterprises in different industries such as Telecom, Financial Services, Digital Media & Entertainment as well as Wearables & Mobile Health. The passbrains platform technology supports specific customer/subscriber profile data and seamlessly integrates with our clients’ CRM systems. Our ability to build and manage private tester communities for enterprises plus delivering managed testing and digital assurance services on-demand clearly differentiates passbrains in this growing market segment” concludes Dieter Speidel.

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