Telecom Trends and the Benefits of Crowdtesting

The telecom industry has experienced continuous technical transformation over the past decade. The Internet of Things (IoT), the digital era we are living in, and groundbreaking technologies have all contributed to the growth of the telecom industry. However, experts forecast a period of saturated telecom penetration and implicitly a period of challenges to overcome.

How have technological changes influenced the telecom industry?

Until now, connectivity was important, but during the next years, content, service, and product will gain foreground, contributing to the fact that connectivity will capture a smaller proportion of the information value chain.

Mobile connectivity brings many benefits, such as lower price and convenience, and will outpace fixed line connectivity, especially among poorer populations.

The telecom network has become much more complex due to the wide range of end-user devices that can be connected to the telecom network. But this also leads to an increase in risks and vulnerabilities. The telecom industry will, therefore, face a growing demand for security and protection from the internet value chain. Experts envision a great range of innovations, both on the technical and operational level.

Moreover, Cloud Computing has been and continues to be revolutionizing the traditional business model, making users to buy services, rather than products.

Last but not least, the telecom industry will be more and more impacted by the IoT, due to the rise of connected devices and the tremendous growth in data volumes.

Crowdtesting – a strong ally in a world full of changes

All the trends mentioned above will lead to a shift in the business making and product launching process, with continuously growing demands of customers regarding their user experience with products and services provided by telecom companies.

With the aid of crowd tests, companies will gain insights on the expectations and user experience of their customers. Conducting crowdtesting for functional tests and user experience studies with representatives of the company’s target audience, covering different geographies, languages, and tester persona will help to improve the product and services, delivering high-quality user experience.

Communication Service Providers will experience further strong digital transformation thanks to the growing trends like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cloud Computing, and Big Data. All these technologies will ultimately lead to a decrease of product life cycles and growing attention towards customer engagement.

Passbrains crowdtesting experience in the telecom industry

With its long-term experience in the telecom sector, Passbrains recently contributed to the launching of the new Set-Top Box of UPC Switzerland for Digital TV. The new product was tested for 6 weeks by 515 testers selected and engaged from the 10’000+ members strong crowd tester community Passbrains built and maintains for UPC. By conducting iterative functional tests and UX studies with these crowd testers, Passbrains helped in achieving a solid and product with seamless user experience.

Would you like to learn more about how you can benefit from crowdtesting with customer communities? Contact us today, and we’ll show you how crowdtesting can help you achieve your business objectives.

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