With Crowdsourced Digital Assurance UX and CX work together

Only the best products are good enough

In the era of digital transformation we find countless apps, websites and software for everything we could ever need. That is why companies know that the key to success in the digital world is to create a product, which is outstanding in its usability, interactional and visual design and content.

How many times did this happen to you? You found an app on the App Store, which seemed to be extremely useful to you, but as soon you downloaded the app, you realized that the app was working slowly, the design was not appealing at all or usability was just really bad. So what did you do? You uninstalled the app right away!

Companies are well aware that user experience can be the make-or-break factor for digital products and that is why they invest a great deal of effort in assessing UX before launching a product.

To aspire excellence in UX is major, but it means nothing if excellence stops there

Lets take as an example the community marketplace BlaBlaCar that connects drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride. You can use the service of BlaBlaCar on their website or on their mobile app. Both options convince through an outstanding user experience - notwithstanding that BlaBlaCar earlier this year had to face a major conflict with its customers in Germany. 

BlaBlaCar introduced a new payment system, which obliges passengers to process their payments online and no longer allows customers to pay in cash. This change in the system was not communicated well to the customers and therefore led to a wave of strong expressions of resentment on social media. Some customers even started to boycott the services of the company.

Fortunately BlaBlaCar was able to contain the reputational damage after all by calming the critics through social media and through their customer service.

Right here it is when customer experience comes in.

To make and keep your customers happy you need to run the extra mile and emphasize CX

Customer experience includes every touch point the customer will ever have with a brand. CX is crucial because it is an umbrella concept that includes UX. Companies who launch a digital product or service with great UX but neglect to assure excellence in their sales process, delivery or customer service, won’t see much success with their offering on the longer run. On the other hand customers with a great CX will forgive and forget little UX issues.

A holistic approach to ensure success in the digital world with Crowdsourced Digital Business Assurance

As UX and CX go inevitably hand in hand, for a company that wants to fully assure customer satisfaction and success in the digital world, there is a strong need for digital assurance disciplines which allow to assure top quality and user experience and continuously evaluate and optimize customer experience across all touch points.

Passbrains offers the perfect solution for this need with its Digital Assurance Platform. The passbrains Digital Assurance Platform leverages a global community of currently 45’000+ users, testing professionals and UX specialists for on-demand engagements in customer projects for market insights, open innovation, design and field validation (crowdtesting) of apps and digital products. Passbrains helps to ensure seamless user experience and great customer experience throughout the entire product life cycle.

The Crowd takes UX and CX to new heights

Digital transformation very much goes along with global delivery. Therefore companies have to master the challenge of satisfying the needs of customers from different countries with different social and ethnical backgrounds, speaking different languages, and using a huge variety of different devices, operating systems and networks. 

These challenges can be successfully solved through Crowdsourced Digital Business Assurance. The Crowd provides unique insights and enables enterprises to assure quality, seamless user experience and excellent customer experience. Selected panels can be engaged from the Crowd on-demand at any scale to deliver their ideas, views, evaluation and test results from a “real world”-perspective yet acting within the protected environment of a secure platform and closed community. And the Crowd serves both for skilled testing and UX experts as well as for representative panels of your company’s target audience or customer base for measuring, analyzing and improving customer experience - because who knows better what to expect from your products and services, than your customers?

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