With passbrains UX studies, only excellence is good enough for your users

Developing a digital product usually implies all eyes focused on usability: directing all efforts towards an intuitive interface and inviting design in order to ensure that users will find their way around easily and effectively. Still, even if usability is outstanding, important parts of user satisfaction may be omitted – resulting in products that don’t fully live up to users’ expectations and high churn rates.

What is the missing piece of the puzzle? Users experience apps, websites, digital devices and software in a holistic way. Their checklist doesn’t stop at great usability – it includes every interaction they have with the product as well as feelings and perceptions that come accordingly. This is why UX plays a decisive role between indifferent users and delighted fans. 

So make sure to launch a product that users will not simply use with ease, but also enjoy using. This is where passbrains UX studies come in as a solution to collect crucial real-world user insights. Depending on your preferences, we carefully select members of the passbrains crowd matching your target audience profile or members of your customer community to provide feedback on your product through a set of proven methods:

1.    UX surveys – collect and manage crucial UX feedback collected through desktop and/or mobile surveys! Ask your target groups the right questions and learn about their experience through qualitative and quantitative analytics in an exceptionally short timeframe.

2.    Think aloud videos – a visual preview of user journeys complemented by narrated comments is a great way to learn about most detailed user impressions, constructive critisism and improvement suggestions.

3.    Card sorting – whether your digital product is in the design or re-design phase, engaging users to give structure and navigation suggestions by arranging cards represents a decision that will save you a lot of time and let you learn about the way your users think and would like to navigate through your app.

4.    A/B testing – an excellent way to learn which of the different versions of your UI design is more appealing and understandable to users.

5.    Phone or video interviews – get detailed feedback through real-time discussions with members of your target audience.

By conducting UX research, design evaluation and pre- or post-launch studies with passbrains, you make sure to impress your target users in the long run!

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