Your digital triumph ally: private customer community feedback

Trends emerging from digital transformation are bringing along strong interest in customer experience-driven product development. This is why an increasing number of companies worldwide are enforcing their digital development strategies by collecting insights from online communities made up exclusively from their customer base.

Online customer communities are a source of important real-world feedback from groups whose preferences determine the success of your apps, websites and digital devices. Whether your digital products are in pre-launch phase or already well established, involving such online communities is a must if you aim to achieve in-depth understanding of customer behavior. Not only will your customers let you know about issues they encounter and where there is room for improvement, but you will also find out what they love about your product and get inspired by their ideas and suggestions – allowing you to invest your business efforts where they are most needed.

Within a few days only, Customer Community Engagement with passbrains provides you with insights into any segment of your customers’ digital journey based on ideation, testing and UX analysis data collected and managed through our digital business assurance platform. You can rely on our support starting from community assembly and management of specific project requirements all the way to detailed result summaries and statistics. 

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