Tester Recruitment

In need of temporary test capacities? 

Recruit on-demand & worldwide!

  • Engage proven talents from our global community
  • Remote and on-site assignments
  • Test managers and test analysts
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Recruit temporary and permanent test capacities from the passbrains testers crowd with thousands of precisely profiled members, available for both remote and on-site jobs. Our Crowd Recruitment service allows you to quickly scout for qualified capacities with proven skills for:

• Test management
• Test design
• Test execution

How does it work?

Simply submit your specific requirements through our crowd recruitment online-form. Our system will then identify matching candidates within our global crowd and automatically deliver a list of proposed candidates to you, after we have verified their interest in your job offer. 

Want to thoroughly check candidates' background and qualification before hiring? Ask for our background check and skill assessment services.

Members of our global talent pool are all set to jump in and contribute to your business with valuable testing skills!

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