Designing and building the right digital products and services right!

Digital business assurance covers the entire development life cycle for your digital products & services. Working with the passbrains crowd as well as building and engaging private private communities opens up possibilities to leverage creativity, effectivity and yield in various activities throughout market research, ideation, product design, validation testing, user- and customer experience.

passbrains, the leading digital excellence platform enables you to run market insights, ideation, UX studies, customer experience campaigns, field testing projects and more. Now you are finally able to engage and manage your campaign contributors and project members through one single platform and to collect all data in one central repository.

Involve your customers through building your own online community

Looking for a solution how to build your online community and involve your customers in ideation, design evaluation, ux studies and testing your new apps, digital products and services?

Passbrains helps you to assemble your customer community and to manage your community projects to make sure your new products and services meet your customers expectations and -at the same time- to leverage your customers' brand identification and loyalty.

Accelerate your market research processes!

Gathering market insights with passbrains allows you to speed up go-to-market and escalate growth without investing months of effort into research. Our platform grants you direct access to a diversity of your target audience representatives - ensuring that you position your products and services according to valuable high quality input.

Engage us to easily reach out to your target market representatives and collect ideas, suggestions and ratings that will help you learn about your product's strengths and weaknesses, identify crucial expectations and anticipate trends.

Get inspired for your digital roadmap!

Use passbrains ideation services to boost the ideation processes within your organization. We provide you with carefully managed and targeted ideation campaigns helping you to define the right innovation strategies based on valuable inputs collected through the passbrains platform. 

Passbrains ideation makes sure your innovation programs will match your target group’s expectations and will lead the way towards successful apps, websites and digital products and services that they will love at first sight!

Evaluate the effectiveness of your app wireframes and prototypes

Explore just how efficient crowdsourced design assessment gets! Use our platform to quickly and securely obtain high-quality assessments by your target audience representatives.

Our powerful tools combined with the diversity that characterizes our worldwide community allow you to easily determine how your design prototypes are perceived, analyze important user interactions, eliminate bias and learn where there is room for improvement.


Get your apps and digital products tested under real-world conditions

Passbrains delivers end-to-end managed services for field-testing (also called 'crowdtesting'), engaging the right testers in the field based on your requirements, collecting and validating their deliverables, aggregating and analyzing all results and delivering comprehensive test summary reports. Our proven crowdtesting process ensures optimized coverage of device models, operating system versions, browsers, networks, locations and languages. 

No need to worry about financial compensation of participating testers - this is managed directly and automatically through passbrains. Managed services are offered on attractive fixed-price basis - check out our pricing examples or request an individual quote.

Meet & exceed your user’s expectations

passbrains collaborates with you in order to provide valuable UX insights throughout all the phases of your digital product development. Whether you are searching to acquire UX design-related insights for your newly launched product, want to examine user-friendliness or need to come up with improvement suggestions, all answers are to be found within the passbrains platform! 

The variety of UX feedback collected through our international community and/or your own customer community represents an excellent base for further planning and execution of effective business decisions.

You’ll know exactly on which segments of your user’s experience to focus and where to invest, and the best part is: you’ll know it within a few days!

In need of temporary test capacities? Recruit on-demand and worldwide!

Passbrains stands at your disposal for efficient recruitment of qualified temporary or permanent testing capacities. Forget recruitment procedures that require extensive amounts of preparation and resources: with our Tester Recruitment service, you get to identify and hire candidates from our global crowd that match your requirements to the point and save valuable time for important business decisions. 

Whether you need to pick prospective candidates for remote or on-site projects, simply send us your inquiry with just a few clicks and receive your talent search results within shortest time!

Deliver digital experiences that delight your customers

The way you determine your customers' pain points and collect and analyze their impressions on your products can make or break your business. Performing such activities rapidly and collecting data directly from large customer panels will enable you to act on time, collect reliable ratings and ideas and strategically optimize your products. 

Gaining around-the-clock CX insights through our platform provides you with a clear picture of how your digital products are perceived by your most critical audience.


Achieve your testing goals faster with passbrains dedicated teams

Expand your testing workforce flexibly and at any time with fully managed remote teams carefully picked out for you from the passbrains community!

We’ll quickly set up a team with the right qualifications that will blend in perfectly with your company’s vision and goals and entirely commit to your project. No need to invest time and effort into training and project management – we have it all covered!