For functional testing you can choose any combination of exploratory testing, test case based testing and automated testing. The passbrains platform enables you to monitor the test progress, results and coverage and receive a comprehensive test summary report after completion of a test cycle.

Exploratory Testing

In exploratory testing, testers enjoy the freedom to test intuitively by exploring the app’s functionality. Passbrains always ensures an optimal mix of test professionals and user testers and guides testers’ exploratory paths by defining focus areas and high level test scenarios to achieve best coverage. Passbrains exploratory testing reveals issues and defects which were not discovered during regular lab tests.

Scripted Test Cases

Passbrains’ test engineers work with your team to design or adapt test scenarios and test cases to ensure best functional test coverage across a wide spectrum of device types and system configurations.

Scripted test cases serve ideally for regression testing, compatibility testing and to achieve full coverage. Test cases can be designed or imported in passbrains’ integrated test management system and assigned to individual testers or tester groups. Formal test documentation includes test case plans, reports and coverage reports.

Automated Testing

Our test automation experts will assist you in creating automation scripts across various automation tools. Repeated regression cycles are run to ensure that the new releases do not affect the existing code.

With passbrains you can conduct usability studies and pre-release tests with the right panel of participants matching your selection criteria. Passbrains usability testing is provided as a service managed by our usability experts or alternatively in self-service mode.

Managed user experience campaigns

Passbrains UX specialists design detailed test plans and user experience surveys for test participants, which we select from the passbrains community based on your demographic requirements. Our services deliver valuable insights and results throughout the entire product development lifecycle, starting with evaluation and A/B testing of wireframes and early prototypes, to release candidate tests and post-release customer experience assessments.

Through the passbrains platform you will have access to all detailed results and analytics throughout the project, after which a comprehensive summary report with recommendations on usability improvements will be compiled and delivered to you.

Narrated video recordings

Curious to learn how users will experience your app’s design, navigation and workflows? Want to see live if they find and understand the guidance and information provided in your website, how successfully the intended conversion works?

Passbrains’ qualified usability testers capture their entire sessions, commenting on each operation they perform, explaining how they like your app and how intuitively they can find and operate everything they are looking for, and describe their expectations which were not met. Our experts review all collected video recordings and cut and mix most relevant and critical findings which they aggregate in one single video delivered to you including our detailed analysis and improvement recommendations.

Passbrains localization testing enables you to validate linguistic accuracy, to test functional compatibility with varying conditions in different regions, and to assess cultural appropriateness of your user interfaces. Global distribution of our testers community enables us to select and engage experienced testers in each of the geographies for which your application has been localized.

Proactive Performance

Use our performance specialists to determine system capacity requirements and to conduct scalability analysis to prevent potential performance related issues.

Real-time load of end users

Passbrains enables you to have scalable numbers of crowdtesters at different geographies performing real actions on your system running under synthetic load and monitoring its performance. Comprehensive reports with precise measurements and subjective performance ratings submitted by professional testers and users deliver valuable insights on your system's performance under load.

Simulated Load

To simulate high volume of concurrent user activities on your system, our performance test engineers design custom load scripts and assess the measured results to identify performance bottlenecks.

Passbrains Managed Security Testing reveals system vulnerabilities and ensures implementation of appropriate security measures through effective combination of security requirements analysis, vulnerability assessment and  application penetration testing.

Security Requirements Analysis

Passbrains security testing specialists thoroughly analyze the security requirements for each specific application to define test objectives and to model potential threats to deliver a detailed security test plan.

Vulnerability Assessment

Proven specialists from the passbrains security testers community are available on demand to further exploit vulnerabilities through different exploratory testing methods, and to demonstrate what attackers might be capable of when targeting your system. Exploratory vulnerability assessment discovers security issues missed by traditional testing.

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are conducted to verify application security based on our detailed test plan, resulting in a comprehensive test report including advice on fixes and additional security measures to be implemented.