Design Assessments

Evaluate the effectiveness of your user interaction design

  • Engage target audience panels and UX experts from passbrains’ crowd for rapid design assessments
  • Wireframe / Prototype Evaluation, A/B Testing, Tree-Testing, Card Sorting
  • Remote and on-site assessments
  • High-quality results and detailed summaries ensured by dedicated passbrains experts

When it comes to app design, the math is simple: the later changes are introduced, the higher the costs. This is why assessing users' perceptions of your wireframes and prototypes early in the process represents a crucial factor.

Opting for crowdtesting in the pre-development phase is an excellent way to complement your internal prototype evaluation process and encourage effectiveness that cannot be attained through small-scale initiatives.

Prototype evaluation with passbrains provides you with an important overview of your concept's strengths and weaknesses, minimizing the risk of misguided development efforts and post-launch vulnerabilities.

Feedback acquired from our global crowd or your private community gives you the privilege to:

  • Collect unbiased insights on design and navigation within several days only
  • Understand how your target group representatives experience content and interface interactions, learn where there is room for improvement and which segments are especially appealing
  • Introduce modifications that concur with your target group’s needs and ensure maximum user friendliness for your upcoming product
  • Verify if your initial time and cost estimates need refinement and avoid high expenses that late implementation of changes implies

What comes in as highly beneficial is that you get to conduct more extensive evaluations: instead of focusing only on critical segments due to time restrictions during internal procedures, passbrains allows you to analyze your prototype proposals in-depth and from all aspects, by engaging diverse crowdsourced panels of your choice.

Ensure to lead your product on the right development path by involving your target groups when it counts most!

design assessments