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  • Targeted geographies
  • Representative user panels
  • Skilled testers
  • Thousands of devices

Leverage the power of the worldwide passbrains crowd

Build & engage your private online user community

User panels and skilled resources anytime anywhere with the passbrains crowd

passbrains' fully profiled and vetted crowd is the key for providing representative panels for your research and ideal participants for your tests. With passbrains you can always rely on demographic, persona, language, background and skill coverage, as well as on optimal devices and networks coverage.

Our continuously growing member base is here for you when you need them: users and testing professionals, UX experts - on demand!

Ensuring prosperous feedback

Our project managers diligently guide and supervise each phase of your project. All of our members are selected with precision as we like to make sure to ensure high quality feedback. For this reason, particular attention is paid to passbrains members’ individual ratings and experience.

Strong focus on data security

With passbrains, your campaign or project remains in safe hands: each and every of our carefully selected crowd members is obliged to high confidentiality, while all data is securely stored on our platform.

The exclusive solution: a private online community for your enterprise

In case your projects require highly specific product knowledge or a very high level of IP protection, we assemble a private online community for exclusive use by your enterprise, through rapid on-boarding and profiling your enterprise staff and/or customers in your country or all over the globe. 

Members of your private community are then selected according to your specific criteria and invited for participation in your initiatives, campaigns and projects depending on their availability, exactly the same way as it works with the passbrains crowd. Engaging your private online community allows for continuous enrichment of profile data and ratings and leverages motivation, engagement and identification with your enterprise.  

Passbrains' private online community solution allows you to utilize free capacities from your staff and to identify and access specific skills on demand, or engage and interact with your customers throughout all phases of your digital product lifecycle, from pre-launch to new product validation. 

Want to learn more about engaging your customers in your campaigns and projects? We're happy to share our Customer Community Engagement success stories with you!