Mobile Surveys

Acquiring feedback from the rightfully selected panel results in constructive business decisions. Providing the right tools to your participants is key for collecting high-quality results rapidly and to make sure your online community stays tuned for the next campaign. The passbrains Mobile Survey App makes survey participation fun and gets you in direct contact with your panel:

Passbrains Mobile Survey App

Passbrains Mobile Survey enables enterprises to design online surveys with custom themes and connect with their target audience via an attractive, native mobile app, fully integrated with our digital assurance platform. Community members registered with passbrains can now receive invitations and participate in online surveys on their mobile and desktop devices.

Passbrains Mobile Survey - Example 1
Passbrains Mobile Survey App - Example 2

Get connected more closely with your survey participants on passbrains! Reach them anywhere, any time through mobile notifications. No more worrying about having to deal with different tools on different platforms and about data security - all data collected through passbrains online surveys is securely stored inside the passbrains platform database.

Survey participation on mobile devices

Survey on the Road!
passbrains Mobile Survey brings total mobility to your survey campaigns. Our native Android and iOS apps allow participants to contribute anywhere and any time through their mobile devices. It has never been more fun and easy: the user interface can be custom designed to meet your CI and preferences. Participants can pause and resume their work on the survey any time. Photos and video recordings can be uploaded with the survey through a simple button click.

Passbrains Survey Notifications on Apple Watch

What time is it? Time for Mobile survey!
One of the many great features of the passbrains Mobile Survey is that it supports Apple Watch - project participants can receive survey invitations and pending tasks reminders right on their wrist! This makes surveys mobile as mobile can be and makes it so much easier to get in touch with participants.

Instant analytics at your fingertips provide you with insightful charts on all data points you are looking for. No need to wait until the end of the campaign - see the trends whenever you need them during the course of your campaign. No more shuffling around of collected data, no more tedious spreadsheet work to get the charts you need. Still want to stick with your old tools and procedures?

Surveys can be conducted either through an open link without the need for participants to register, or with registered participants from your private online community on passbrains we build and manage for you. With our unique Hand-Off technology, survey participation has never been as comfortable and easy! Participants can start a survey on their mobile and continue completing it on their desktop, or vice versa, resulting in increased productivity and a higher degree of participants' involvement.

Monitor the results of your survey through our integrated Analytics Dashboard at any time during the campaign and enjoy the flexibility of being able to create your own Analytics with its drag&drop Chart Designer.

Passbrains also provides an integrated Ratings & Rewards Accounting System which saves you a great deal of time and money when it comes to automate participant rating and rewarding with points or cash.

Survey Analytics

With passbrains Mobile Survey, participants are highly encouraged to engage and contribute. Direct messaging and push notifications make sure they won't miss anything. Ratings & rewards increase motivation and excitement. No surprise passbrains always delivers higher participation rates, shorter turnaround time and better results.