Platform as a Service

Get ready to run your own
digital excellence platform.

Now you can get all the tools available through the passbrains platform to run your projects autonomously, directly from within your enterprise environment!

Your benefits

Passbrains’ Platform-as-a-Service ('PaaS') model lets you run your own digital excellence initiatives, campaigns and projects for your internal and external clients. Our all-in-one multi-tenant platform for enterprise digital business assurance and crowdtesting enables you to build and engage our public and/or your private online communities and provides everything you need to boost your company’s digital ecosystem.

Based on a tailored license PaaS license agreement, you can start using all tools the passbrains platform provides and build your own private communities by enrolling e.g. your selected staff members or specific customer groups - digital business assurance and crowd testing in self-service mode!

What you get:

• Access for your administrators and project managers to the passbrains platform in passbrains’ cloud, in your own enterprise cloud or on premise

• Possibility to build and engage your own private communities – customers, target audience and employees

• Optional and scalable access to the passbrains community

• Optional on-premise installation

• Optional custom branding (whitelabel)

In addition, our dedicated experts stand at your disposal for project management assistance, professional services and technical support.

What you pay:

• A one-time platform setup fee

• A flat monthly license fee

• A volume-based community engagement fee

Digital Business Assurance

Passbrains PaaS represents a perfect solution for a wide range of industries and company sizes, with an unique goal of: 

• Rapidly gaining competitive advantage in the digital domain on a global scale

• Forming internal and external business strategies around needs and expectations of customers, employees or target audience

• Efficiently adapting to emerging Digital Transformation trends and requirements

Passbrains Franchise and White Label solutions are also available for our Channel Partners.

Ready to take over?