User Experience Research Studies

Meet & exceed your
users' expectations

  • Real-world user experience research
  • Qualitative UX Research feedback & ratings
  • Narrated user journey video recordings
  • Personal interviews
  • Real-time results & analytics

Digital experiences your users love

Thorough UX Analysis is a determining success factor for any app, digital device, software or website.

Passbrains provides you with insights on your users' perceptions with every critical user journey

and makes sure you identify, satisfy and go beyond your users' expectations.

Understand your users' perception from U to X with passbrains

Why do you need UX Research Studies?

Situation 1: Your app or device has come to ages and needs a major redesign. You need to survey your users needs and preferences based on their experience with your actual version to plan the focus areas of your redesign.

Situation 2: You've completed your research and design work and your release candidate has passed all functional tests after bugfixing iterations. Now it's time to run a UX study to collect critical feedback, ratings and improvement suggestions from your users.

Situation 3: You felt pretty sure everything is alright and got it launched without any prior UX analysis on the critical user journeys of your final version. Incoming complaints and ratings show you that your users have serious issues with their experience. A larger scale UX study will help you now to understand where improvements are needed.

user experience research

How does it work?

Our experienced UX Research team analyze your app or product and design critical user journeys and questionnaires for UX surveys.

We carefully aggregate representative user panels matching your demographic and persona criteria and conduct the UX research study through online surveys, narrated user journey recordings, detailed issue reports and improvement suggestions. 

This short video shows an example of a UX survey built with the passbrains survey management system and run on the passbrains mobile survey app.

Instant UX insights and analytics  

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to create your own analytics with our drag&drop Chart Designer.

Monitor the results of your survey through our integrated UX Analytics Dashboard at any time during the campaign.

Export your final results upon completion of the study.

Acquiring feedback from the rightfully selected user panel results in constructive business decisions, user-friendly digital products, seamless user experience and customer loyalty.

Benefit from our experience in planning, setting up and conducting user experience studies with representative user panels.