User Research

Meet & exceed your
users' expectations

  • Qualitative & quantitative UX feedback
  • Narrated user journey video recordings
  • Personal interviews
  • Real-time results & analytics

Digital experiences your users love

Thorough user research is a determining success factor for any app, digital device, software or website.

Passbrains provides you with insights on your users' perceptions with every critical user journey and makes sure you identify, satisfy and go beyond your users' expectations.

How does it work?

We analyze your app or digital product and design critical user journeys and rich questionnaires for your UX surveys.

We carefully aggregate representative user panels matching the demographic and persona criteria of your targeted audience and conduct the UX research study through online surveys, narrated user journey recordings, detailed issue reports and improvement suggestions.

Our comprehensive study reports summarize all findings and provide improvement suggestions.

Custom designed UX surveys 

Passbrains' survey engine delivers multi-level surveys with appealing design and directly integrates with issue report tickets.

Multiple surveys can be scheduled for deployment at different stages of your study. Collected data is securely stored on the passbrains server.

Realtime Analytics 

Instant analytics at your fingertips provide you with insightful charts on all data points you are looking for.

No need to wait until the end of the study - see the trends whenever you need them during the course of your campaign.

No more shuffling around of collected data, no more tedious spreadsheet work to get the charts you need. Still want to stick with your old tools and procedures?

Acquiring feedback from the rightfully selected user panel results in constructive business decisions, user-friendly digital products, seamless user experience and customer loyalty.

Rapid panel recruitment and study design, instant results, comprehensive analytics and reports, secure data storage. Taste the quality of our in-depth research analytics - request a sample study report.