«Especially the wide coverage of different devices and OS versions and many valuable usability feedbacks helped us a lot to ensure the quality of our new Android based software. Passbrains managed crowd testing services have now become an integral part of our software quality assurance strategy.» Elisa Chiarelli, Project Manager
«Crowdtesters do things that inhouse testers don’t, therefore crowdtesting can be very beneficial as an additional measure to gain positive reassurance on the software quality and valuable usability feedbacks even after completion of inhouse-tests.» Michael Palotas, 
Head of Quality Eng. Europe
«We never thought that crowdtesting could provide such value to us. passbrains.com provides very professional service and delivers high value results. The wide variety of test environments applied in their test teams helps a lot to ensure compatibility of applications across all major platforms.» Lutz Ulbricht, CEO
«Passbrains.com is crowdtesting at its finest! passbrains testers from all over the world are testing new releases of our web based knowledge networking platform continuously helping us to keep up the high level of our product quality and usability.» Pascal Kaufmann, CEO
«Within no time we had a team set up to test the new version of Aligned Elements, our requirements & test management software. The experience during the testing project was so great that we immediately hired some of the passbrains testers for permanent engagement.» Anders Emmerich, CEO
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