Tips to avoid bias in your usability test results

You have made the case to work usability testing into the design process. You have gotten buy-in from the business. Well done! Now make sure that you get the best possible data by avoiding mis-steps that can bias your results and ultimately undermine your efforts and confidence in your work.

The tips I will discuss are:

●      How to select representative participants

●      How to phrase tasks...

With Crowdsourced Digital Assurance UX and CX work together

Only the best products are good enough

In the era of digital transformation we find countless apps, websites and software for everything we could ever need. That is why companies know that the key to success in the digital world is to create a product, which is outstanding in its usability, interactional and visual design and content.

Crowdsourced Digital Assurance - How to cope with the challenges of digital transformation

Today, so many of our daily activities rely on technology and industries across the globe are witnessing disruptions and innovations, thanks to the advances in the field of Digital technologies. Organizations are increasingly aligning themselves to keep pace with these advances and launching Digital transformation initiatives. Application areas range from product development through operational...

Customer Success Case Studies: Crowdtesting for a leading digital media enterprise in Italy

Heard about managed crowdtesting with a curated crowd but never used it? Ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

- How can my product and my organisation benefit from crowdtesting?

- How much time do I need to plan for a full functional test and user experience assessment?

- How many testers are required to cover major mobile devices with iOS and Android OS plus Windows and Mac...

Testing for Design Errors

Great designs transform the way we live and we all act as designers in our own simple ways. When we rearrange objects on our desks, the furniture in our living rooms, and the things we keep in our cars, we are designing. Through our designs, we transform houses into homes, spaces into places and things into belongings. While we may not have any control over the design of the many objects we...

Supportability Experience

eCommerce industry sector is burgeoning in India with new players starting shop every now and then. But what is it that sets Flipkart, India's largest online retailer, apart? Flipkart identified 2 key problems in the eCommerce world delayed delivery and poor customer service. They fixed these problems and made online shopping a delightful and memorable experience for their customers. There is no...

Multi-Sensory Experience - Five Senses Theory

Jinsop Lee, an industrial designer, believed that great design appeals to all five senses. He called this, the Five Senses Theory. Jinsop also gave a Ted talk on this topic a short while ago. According to him, one can grade any experience on all five senses. For e.g, you can grade eating noodles on sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. Similarly, you can grade your biking experience. Jinsop graded...

App disasters – example #1 2014

Ready to order a new car? Just grab your iPad – sit back, relax and launch the configurator…

Sounds good – but how do you feel when this happens right after you launch the app?

13 Reasons Why Developers Should Crowdtest Their Applications

With Google, Apple and Microsoft practically giving away their development tools for free, there is a growing developer base creating mobile Apps and responsive web sites for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. But, it’s easy to underestimate the costs of building and monetizing an App successfully. One way to save costs is to consider crowd testing. Some benefits of crowd testing are: