Delivering excellent digital experience requires digital business assurance
across the entire product development lifecycle. 

Market Insights

Gain valuable market insights with online surveys and live interviews with consumers matching your customer personas. 

User Experience Studies

Analyze critical user journeys and learn how to improve your users' digital experience through remote user experience studies.


Run ideation campaigns with target audience representatives and subject matter experts for your digital innovation initiatives.

Crowdtesting & Field Validation

Identify functional, usability, performance and security issues through crowdtesting and field validation.

UI Design Assessments

Get your wireframes and prototypes evaluated by real users through remote or on-site design assessments and A/B testing.

Customer Experience Analysis

Analyze and understand your customers' digital experience with your digital products and services through sentiment and touchpoint analysis.

Passbrains delivers

On-demand recruitment of target audience representatives, testers and user experience specialists for your campaigns and projects

Optimal coverage of geographies, personas, devices and networks

Realtime analytics and comprehensive campaign- and test reports

End-to-end managed services with shortest lead times and quick turnaround

The Digital Excellence Platform