Digital experience determines your business success.
Passbrains makes sure your digital products deliver what your customers expect.
Your target audience, your customers, engaged through the passbrains platform. The proven approach to make your digital product design succeed.
With passbrains, collect essential market insights, innovative ideas, user experience and test results - on demand, fast, global.
Testing your products in the field, under real-world conditions is essential for successful apps and digital products.
Passbrains recruits the optimal participants panel for your research or test project.
... and ensures coverage of major device models, OS, geographies and personas...
delivering comprehensive realtime-analytics and reports.

User Research

Meet & exceed your 
users' expectations

  • Qualitative & quantitative UX feedback
  • Narrated user journey video recordings
  • Personal interviews
  • Real-time results & analytics


Real-world tests 
& usability checks

  • Representative user panels
  • Skilled testers
  • Targeted geographies
  • Optimized device & OS coverage
  • Instant results & analytics 

Customer Experience Insights

CX Studies for your
digital products & services

  • Customer Community Services
  • Online Surveys
  • Touchpoint Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis