Channel Partners

Your business opportunity as an Authorized Reseller, Franchise- or White Label Partner

Are you interested in creating new opportunities for your business by reselling passbrains products & services or licensing the passbrains platform on a Franchise- or White Label basis to deliver crowdtesting and digital assurance services autonomously to your clients?

Benefit from our long term experience, our leading-edge platform technology and our vetted global community and open up a whole new range of possibilities to your customers, helping them to build the right digital products and services right!

passbrains channel partner programs

Authorized Passbrains Reseller

If your business is well established and vetted with a strong network of contacts who are responsible for their enterprise’s digital programs or for app development, UX or quality assurance, our Authorized Reseller program would be a great opportunity for you to leverage your business.

Franchise or White Label Partner

Passbrains’ Franchise and White Label Label Partner Programs get you started with your own digital assurance business without the need for any pre-invest for technology development and community building. This is your unique opportunity to start a new business or to extend your actual portfolio with an exciting range of innovative products and services!

The passbrains Franchise Program gives you a kick-start, allowing you to start small and grow big use our digital assurance platform and our global community of users, testing- and UX professionals. You manage and serve your customers within your private, secure domain and deliver crowdtesting and digital assurance services under your corporate brand, while using passbrains’ branded platform.

 If you are looking to run the passbrains platform under your corporate brand, and if you are in a position to provide us with annual business volume commitments, our White Label offering will be right for you. The White Label program includes access to additional specific platform tools and larger community sizes, plus the possibility to build and engage provide crowds and online communities.

Passbrains is the right partner for you because we deliver:

  • a full spectrum of crowdtesting and digital assurance services and solutions
  • leading edge technology supporting all processes required for community management, project management, analytics and reporting
  • a constantly growing worldwide community of users, UX and testing professionals
  • SaaS and White Label licensing models for your enterprise clients
  • a unique crowd assessment solution, also very useful for your private crowd and for enterprise staff assessment
  • the only native mobile app for community surveys

Passbrains supports Channel Partners through general and dedicated marketing initiatives and with pre-sales support from introductory presentations to deal closure, plus a whole range of trainings, consulting and support services.