Real-world tests 
& usability checks

  • Skilled testers
  • Targeted geographies & languages
  • Optimized device & OS coverage
  • Instant results & analytics 

Seamless user experience through passbrains crowdtesting

Passbrains managed crowdtesting & field validation services enable you to get your apps tested on major device models and operating systems by qualified members of our testers community with proven skills.

For each of your projects, we carefully select and engage testers from our global passbrains crowd with thousands of professional test engineers and tens of thousands user-testers. Selection criteria include skills, domain background, location, demographics, available devices, mobile subscriptions and many more parameters. For field validation activities, we engage test participants from your customer base, which we organize and managed in your exclusive private tester community.

Our project managers prepare test scenarios, user journeys, structured test cases and app/product rating surveys for each test. Our testers run exploratory and structured tests and deliver detailed reports on functional and usability issues, improvement suggestions, as well as think-aloud video recordings and usability ratings part of our user research services. All deliverables get carefully triaged, reviewed and validated by the passbrains team.

The passbrains platform provides you with dashboards and reports on project status, test results and comprehensive analytics and allows you to communicate with testers directly. 

Customers use passbrains throughout the development lifecycle for prototype testing, technical field tests and user acceptance tests. The passbrains managed crowdtesting process enables you to improve your overall testing efficiency and effectiveness, leading to higher product quality, shortened time to market and increased competitiveness.

Premium Services


  • Technical Consulting
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Test Plan

Test Setup

  • Tester Selection & Engagement
  • Device Coverage
  • Test Instructions, User Journeys
  • Structured Test Cases
  • Issue Report Ticket Templates
  • Online Survey Questionnaires
  • Data Interfaces

Test Execution

  • Tester Support
  • Progress & Monitoring
  • Coverage Assurance
  • Deliverables Reviewing
  • Test Summary Reports

Continuous Crowdtesting


Continuous Crowdtesting

Test all releases with your dedicated passbrains team 

  • Dedicated pool of suitable testers
  • Briefings, trainings
  • Functional & usability testing
  • Regression testing
  • Bugfix qualification
  • Overnight on-demand service

Dedicated Testing Teams

Achieve your testing goals faster with passbrains dedicated teams

  • Benefit from customized remote teams
  • For repetitive, on-demand testing
  • Carefully selected from the passbrains community 
  • Use our recruiting, training and test management services

Are you looking to expand your QA organization with dedicated on-demand test capacities, trained on your product and working remotely at any time for flexible durations?

Passbrains equips you with scalable numbers of testers that are fully committed to your program and can seamlessly adapt to your internal QA team’s vision and requirements. We’ll help you balance your testing workload by assembling the best-fitting managed pool of testers with proven skills!

To ensure smooth collaboration with your company, we will:

• Recruit your tester pool from the passbrains community based on your profile specifications

• Organize thorough trainings to get your dedicated tester pool familiarized with your test plans and requirements

• Manage your dedicated testers pool to ensure availability of the required capacities on demand

• Provide professional test management services 



dedicated tester pool

Relying on passbrains to add a valuable extension to your QA organization allows you to gain flexibility in dealing with tight deadlines, avoid internal overhead and save time and costs.

We make sure that your dedicated tester pool gets closely integrated into your organization, acquainted with your processes and completely aligned with your business objectives!

Why you should work with passbrains

Passbrains is the right partner for you because we deliver:

  • rapid and reliable service delivery meeting highest standards
  • coverage guarantees on tester selection criteria, devices, OS, networks and functionality
  • guided exploratory and user-journey or test case-based testing
  • agile continuous testing solution
  • leading edge platform technology providing you with access to test results and realtime-analytics
  • comprehensive, actionable test summary reports
  • integration facilities with dynamic data interfaces