Crowdtesting and Field Validation

Get your products tested 
where they will be used

  • Targeted geographies
  • Representative user panels
  • Real test environments 
  • Optimized device & platforms coverage 

Improve your testing efficiency and product quality

Crowdsourcing has evolved as an effective and scalable instrument for rapid testing of digital products in the field. The passbrains crowdtesting solution enables enterprises to get their products tested on all major platforms, devices, configurations and location-specific aspects, by testing professionals as well as by your target audience or customers under real-world conditions.

Engage testing capacities on-demand, individually selectable from the passbrains community with thousands of professional software testers and tens of thousands user-testers worldwide. Testers can be selected based on the required skills, domain background, location, demographic criteria and available test equipment.

The passbrains managed crowdtesting process enables enterprises to save costs while improving their overall testing efficiency and effectiveness, leading to higher product quality, shortened time to market and increased competitiveness.

Using the passbrains platform, crowdtesting projects can be set up and organized in shortest time, engaging the best matching profiles of testers from the passbrains crowd or your private community.

Crowd Testing