Gartner features passbrains as a top vendor in their 2016 Market Guide for Crowdsourced Application Testing Services

In their latest publication Gartner takes a closer look to Crowdsourced Application Testing Services and recommends the industry's best providers, passbrains being amongst the top vendors.

Gartner states that only in the last year the integration of crowdsourced testing in IT projects has increased by 40% and crowdsourced testing soon will become an integral part in every IT development process. Crowdsourced testing enables enterprises to meet the needs of a fast pacing digital market by offering access to a great variety of testers, devices and configurations increasing scalability significantly.

In the Market Research Gartner pays particular attention to vetted communities as they minimize security risks and ensure companies to find the most skilled testers for their particular needs. Passbrains includes vetted communities in its broad Digital Business Assurance portfolio. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of crowdsourced testing? In Gartner's Market Guide you will find many useful insights and valuable suggestions about testing sourcing strategies and options.

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