Showcase for business model assessment through passbrains 'market insights'

This is our first update on our showcase project for the digital art gallery startup ‘Projekt 15-30’ - business model assessment through passbrains market insights.

As the first campaign for this project has been completed in the meantime, we are eager to share the impressive results with you:



A representative panel of 100 participants from our Swiss and German crowd base was recruited within a few hours only, after we invited Swiss-German passbrains members matching a certain age range, balanced genders, with an affinity to art, either regularly visiting art exhibitions, buying or even creating art.

The goal of this market-insights campaign was to assess and challenge the new business model of ‘Projekt 15-30’. For this purpose, an online survey with a very detailed questionnaire with 50 questions was designed together with the client and exposed to all participants of this campaign, offering them 7 days to provide their answers. This survey delivered an excellent overview about participants’ different kinds of interests in art and their related habits and preferences, as well as their opinions, ratings and suggestions regarding the ‘Projekt 15-30’ business model. Our client was intrigued to see the high level of interest into this topic and the very active and open contribution of the panel.

“I am very happy with the high number of participants, the impressive yield and results of this campaign. We are currently analysing the results and will soon draw our conclusions” said Dietmar Aaron Kaufmann, founder of ‘Projekt 15-30’.

In a few days we will draw and announce the winner of this art photo named 'Real Beauty' (see below) and soon continue with the next phase of our services for ‘Projekt 15-30’, so stay tuned to learn more about the exciting possibilities passbrains digital business assurance portfolio offers, not only for startups but also to medium size and large enterprises during the process of developing, designing, implementing and testing new products and services.






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