Get into the driver's seat and run your campaigns and projects on the passbrains platform autonomously 

Leverage the full spectrum of Digital Business Assurance activities for your enterprise! Using passbrains` integrated toolset, technology and access to online communities allows you to autonomously run your campaigns and projects within your own IT infrastructure.

Passbrains Platform-as-a-Service delivers a flexible, integrated solution that gets your teams fully equipped to autonomously operate Digital Business Assurance projects.

Leverage the power of our public crowd and your private communities

Our versatile platform provides direct access to the passbrains crowd and the possibility to set up and engage online communities that meet your specific project requirements to the very last detail. Choose from the diversity of our worldwide crowd - including users and professionals, or assemble your own private community and establish a direct line of communication with your customers, employees and target audience.

Ensuring you get the most qualified testers!

Working with us guarantees that only the crowd members matching your exact requirements will take part in your projects. Qualification processes within our diverse global crowd require both thorough and rapid completion, which is ensured through the Crowd Assessment Center.

This swift and effective solution allows us to perform skill and background assessments and determine at great speed who has got what it takes for your projects.

The Mobile App for Community Surveys - ideally suited for UX and CX research

When it comes to survey participation, we attribute an especially important place to flexibility – resulting a high degree of participant involvement and detailed feedback and ratings. Our native mobile app makes survey-taking as easy and efficient as it gets!

Check out how we make it possible for you to keep your selected survey participants instantly notified and reach them anytime, wherever they are.