Qualification Assessment Center

Ensuring you engage the 
most qualified testers.

  • Design online-exams
  • Invite selected community members
  • Review qualification test results
  • Engage only those who passed 

Successful crowdtesting means choosing exactly who you need to complete the mission. We have just come up with a way to make the tester qualification process more reliable than ever, and it all starts inside our Qualification Assessment Center. The passbrains qualification assessment center is based on the idea of qualifying staff and/or members of your crowdsourcing community through online exams on:

  • General software testing skills
  • Domain / technology experience
  • Tools knowledge

Assessing testers' skills and engaging only those testers who managed to qualify ensures best results from your crowdtesting initiatives.

What makes the passbrains qualification assessment center function so well is the fact that it allows to design exams and invite selected community members to qualify for participation in your projects by taking and passing such exams

And where there is an exam, there are grades as well. All exam results are stored with the member profile, which allows you to get full and transparent insight and proceed with the steps towards creating your ideal tester panel. 

By the way: our customers use the qualification assessment center also to assess knowledge and skills and of their internal staff - want to give it a try?

passbrains crowd assessment center

Our innovative approach to tester qualification is completely unique to the passbrains platform and serves for qualification of members of the public passbrains crowd and also your private crowd and even your own testing staff! The passbrains qualification assessment center makes sure only those testers whose background and skills match your specific requirements will get engaged in your crowdtesting projects.

A crowd which is curated with attention and precision is a crowd that provides excellent results. At passbrains, we manage our tester community in a way that brings out the maximum for your crowdtesting experience!