User Experience Studies

UX research & testing - meet and exceed your user’s expectations!

Meeting user’s expectations represents one of the strongest challenges for your app or digital product. Any uneasiness that your users experience can lead to fatal consequences.

Given such high stakes, no risks are allowed. Thorough UX analysis becomes more than a convenience: it is a determining success factor for any app, digital device, software or website.

At passbrains, we make sure that you identify, satisfy and go beyond your user’s anticipations. We provide you with insights into your user’s perceptions throughout your entire product development lifecycle, covering:

  • UX research
  • UX design evaluation
  • UX studies

Precision and feedback quality that characterize passbrains usability testing are ensured through our issue reporting system. In addition to issue report tickets, passbrains testers deliver improvement suggestions and feature requirements - all with the goal to reach your maximum usability potential.

Our dedicated UX specialists are in charge of designing and running remote studies with your passbrains community user panel, carefully selected to match your specific criteria. Global community members from your target audience execute predefined user journeys or test freely. They deliver trace reports and detailed feedback and ratings through our desktop survey or via our native mobile survey app. In addition to online surveys, passbrains provides your business with indispensable user feedback through:

  • Card sorting
  • A/B testing
  • Narrated ('think-aloud') user journey video-recordings
  • Telephone/video interviews
ux studies

Know your target group’s expectations from U to X with passbrains!

All results and analytics are available to you anytime during your project, making you fully included and equipped with everything you need to know. Once the project is completed, a detailed comprehensive summary report with unbiased analytics, insights and actionable improvement suggestions.

Acquiring and analyzing UX feedback from representative user panels is a critical digital assurance activity, aiming for apps and digital products which deliver seamless user experience. Make sure your users will love what you deliver!